Hire MLD for Writing Workshops

When I was young, aged 8 until 18, I was part of a program run through the Delta School District that was very encouraging and inspiring towards myself as a young writer. As a young girl who loved writing and was ashamed of this fact, I found it extremely liberating to be in a room full of other young writers.

As an adult, I find that most children and young adults do not have access to a writing workshops or programs like the one I was lucky enough to be a part of. A writing community offers youth a space to express themselves. It is important to make these workshops available to youth before university age. By age 18 there is often an already established hatred, distaste, or neutrality regarding poetry. I often feel this way myself when remembering how boring and non-engaging English class was for me in high school. Shakespeare, while an admirable poet, is not the type of poet that youth these days often connect with.

Through these thoughts and feelings, my project “Learning to Love Poetry Despite Hating English Class” was born. These are poetry workshops that strive to re-evaluate the definition of poetry, bring alternative styles of poetry out of the background, and to encourage and remind youth that anyone of any age with any experience can be, and is, a poet.

I currently facilitate these workshops on a contractual basis. I can be hired for a single workshop, or for a series of workshops that take place over several weeks. This usually takes the form of four to six 80 minute workshops that take place during school hours, once a week. I have historically been funded through the Art Starts Creative Spark Grant in the past which allowed me to facilitate poetry workshops for no cost in schools. Now, I am able to offer a competitive price to schools that may be interested in receiving workshops after this time. Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to facilitate a workshop in your school by accessing my contact information at the tab in the upper menu. Criminal Record Check and all necessary paperwork will be provided in a timely manner.